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Julie and the folks at Sweet Grass Kitchen not only make great medicated products that improve the lives of our patients, but they also make our jobs a lot easier. Ordering is quick and easy, on time, and we always get exactly what we ordered. Our patients rave about their line of cookies, the truffle brownie, and our favorite, the PB&J cup. We love that they use a high quality cannabutter and you can tell as soon as you take a bite. The potency is accurate and they don't sacrifice flavor to get there. Sweet Grass also comes up with great seasonal items our patients can't get enough of. We can't wait to see what they come up with next.



The brilliance of Sweet Grass starts with its owner, Julie. She must subscribe to the golden business rule; set the standard high but keep the product simple and consistent. We have some of the most picky shoppers in the industry and her line of edibles is by far our most well received by the patients. Julie works, the supply chain works, and the edibles work - every time. We count her and her company as one of our most valued relationships in the industry, and our patients do too.

-Travis, Owner



It doesn’t take a dancing cartoon banana to know when “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time” (Google it. Trust us). Sweet Grass Kitchen, known for its baked goods line featuring a truffle brownie and an impressive variety of cookies, has come up with a truly unique PB&J cup, available at The Herbal Cure in Denver. We’re not sure how they manage to inject the strawberry jam into a small cavern in the center of the pastry, but all we wanted was more of it. The peanut butter crumble does just that, yet we found it moist and not at all soggy. Sweet Grass uses a triple-filtered, 72-hour extraction process that yields some of the best cannabutter we’ve tried in a while, with a “green” taste that’s notably balanced by the peanut butter. Each cup weighs in with 75mg of active THC, so a third (or roughly one big bite) serves as a great dose for the average patient. Most reviewers found the medicating effects strong, yet social, with very little of the discomfort that typically sets in when taking too large a dose. Reviewers who ate a full cup started off in the same boat . . . then quickly fell overboard, looking for a good couch to lay their heads while everyone else around them danced like a certain cartoon banana.



I'd like to say that At the Greenest Green our Sweet Grass products are amongst the top of our quickest and best-selling products. All of their products are easily our best price points. The freshness, consistency, and the home baked taste of baked goods made from scratch is what people count on. Pumpkin Pies during the holidays that are perfectly medicated and will make you question your loyalty to your momma's pie. Julie is consistently professional and on time with her deliveries and is always a pleasure to work with. We love you Sweet Grass Kitchen!



Hey All! Happy December, the month we all loosen our belts and enjoy all sorts of home cooked delights, watching snow finally start falling and kick in the start of winter. One by one, the boxes of tea and hot chocolate again emerge to the honorable front row spots of their respective shelf. Now more than ever, our bodies crave sugar to offset all that extra energy exerted in our more careful and adventurous daily commute through the cold and snow this whitest of seasons bring. So why not add a little THC into the sweet things in which we'll be indulging this oh so festive of months.

Along the lines of that freshly baked and delicious home-made taste, my absolute favorite ganja butter edible in Colorado right now is Sweet Grass Kitchen. The muffins, brownies, and cookies this kitchen created are so tasty, potent, consistent, and are only $5 each! The ganja butter is meticulously produced, with a hybrid blend of sweet leaf. It's a laborious three day process of slow simmering and triple straining!

So next time I plan on serving medicated dessert, no way will I try and bake my own ever again. I'll thankfully leave that in the able hands of Julie and baking staff at Sweet Grass! Damn good cookies, brownies, and muffins cause the Sweet Grass focuses on perfecting only a small handful of baked products... but look for new creations coming soon that are even strain-specific!!

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